What to Expect


Arrive at your scheduled time and check in.  We'll go over the basics and answer any questions you may have.  To speed up the process, feel free to print our GUEST WAIVER FORM, read it, and fill it out before you come.  The only things you'll need to bring with you are any special hair care products, cosmetics or personal hygiene items you'll want to use after your float.  


You will shower before your float to wash off any dirt, oil, deodorant, perfume, hair gel, etc.  We provide hypo-allergenic bodywash and lightly-scented shampoo and conditioner.


After you select your desired custom lighting and music (optional) you'll put in ear plugs, step into the tank, close the door, turn off the light, and float.  You do have the option of listening music or other audio during your float, but we recommend floating in complete silence... at least for the first few times until you know what the experience is all about.


When you hear the music fade in, easing you out of your float and signalling your time is up, you'll slowly sit up, being careful not to let any water run down into your eyes.  Turn on the light, open the door, towel off and step out.

Shower and Dress

Once you're out of the tank, shower again to remove the Epsom salt solution.  You may now put on deodorants, hair gels, make-up, etc. if you decide to.  A hair dryer is provided.


No need to rush.  Feel free to take a few minutes to enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea, or sparkling mineral water while you bask in your post-float glow!

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Optimize Your Float


Avoid shaving right before you float.  Any cuts or scrapes will sting from the Epsom salt solution.  Although the sting doesn't last too long, it will detract from your experience. We provide liquid bandage if you do have any small cuts or areas of sensitive skin.


Avoid a big meal before you float.  Unless, you're wanting to listen to your digestive juices working while you float.  A light meal 1.5 - 2 hours prior to floating is ideal.  You also don't want to come hungry.  A growling stomach can be a distraction too!


Avoid caffeine and other stimulants prior to floating. Remember, you're trying to REDUCE stress and stimulation. Caffeine and nicotine will work against you.


Don't forget to use the washroom before you float - another distraction you don't want!

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About Us

Not too long ago (summer of 2015), we were listening to a friend

talk about his recent vacation and an experience he had at a resort

spa offering "floatation therapy."  Having never heard of such a thing,

we decided we had to find out more.  


"What's this you say?  You lie weightless in a tank, partially-filled

with water, in complete darkness and silence and do.........NOTHING?"  


While the idea may not appeal to many, our reaction was something

quite different.  As the parents of four awesome kids, living busy,

often hectic lives, our initial response to hearing about that

float tank was, "Oh...... we gotta get one of those!"  To someone who

can't get five minutes of peace in the bathroom before someone's

knocking on the door, the thought of achieving true relaxation and solitude, if only for a short time, was almost too much to hope for.  That was the beginning of several months of research.


We were convinced.  After learning about all the benefits of floating, we decided a floatation tank would complement our family's active lifestyle very nicely.  One DIY renovation later, we installed a Samadhi tank into what was once a spare bedroom (with bathroom) in our home.  Let me tell you - We love it!


While the initial purpose of the tank was to improve the health and wellness of our family, we were struck with the thought, "Why not make this available to friends and family and others in our community?"  We decided this could be a perfect home-based business.  To that end, we have endeavored to create a very inviting, spa-like atmosphere for our guests - one where they can feel completely relaxed and comfortable in their own private oasis.


Feel free to drop us a line.  We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.  And, we'd be happy to introduce you to a whole new world: floating!



Connie & Dan Shurtz


PO Box 1709, Raymond, Alberta, Canada, T0K 2S0

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