What is Floating?

Also known as Floatation Therapy, R.E.S.T. Therapy (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique), or Sensory Deprivation, Floating involves lying in a specially-designed tank filled with 10" of water and 800lbs of dissolved Epsom Salt.  The result is that your body floats like a cork in an environment unlike any you have ever experienced.


Lying in solution heated to the same temperature as your skin, in complete darkness and silence, you soon lose track of where your body ends and the water begins, and feel as if you are weightless.


In this womb-like environment, your muscles, skeleton and nervous system are free to recover from the stress gravity puts on the body, and the mind is free to rest from the constant noise and distraction of the world we live in.  You may find it is the most relaxed you have ever been in your life!


Why Float?

Increased Performance
Enhanced Creativity & Focus
Deep Relaxation
Pain Relief
Stress Relief

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The most common question about floatation therapy is, "what does it do?"  Fair question.  Floatation therapy's health benefits are backed by over 30 years of mainstream scientific research in human performance and include the following:

Stress relief, relief from muscular pain, chronic pain, fatigue, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, jet lag, anxiety, insomnia, and back pain, to name a few.


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